Hollywood Producers Want Fresh Ideas

Hollywood is built on the ability of Idea, and as a result of the Internet that the”Closed Door” of Tinseltown was kicked open for idea-people needing to pitch another hit TV series. Hollywood is built on the ability of”thought”, and tv is the fastest evolving platform for thoughts to be made through games and storytelling. Most men and women think of Hollywood as a shut doorway, together with chances reserved for people who”know people”. Hollywood is a system always looking for new tips to help bring an original type of entertainment and regenerate itself. After creating, working for seven years as a Development Executive and pitching theories with manufacturers, I will tell you it is merely a game of fitting the idea to the manufacturer at the perfect moment. The leader of television who began his empire out of a notion is my supervisor, Merv Griffin. 250 Million in money. The landscape of programming and deal-making is different Nowadays, and producing these straightforward concepts that have been generated is tough.

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